About me

As an artist I try to identify things that are significant in our time, and experience and lay them down in some sort of tangible form, be it sculpture, photography or action. I believe to use the freedom and breadth of the possibilities available in contemporary art, is part of the work of an artist today, and I endeavour to keep the discourse open. I am interested in making work that embraces some psychological interest or has a meaningful significance. Above all I aspire to make artwork with some relevant content, aesthetic merit and of a lasting significance.

The notion of  engaging with nature has become an important underlying concern in the development of my current work, as has interaction and involvement of the viewer in the art work.  I use digital photography as a way of documenting and recording actions, performances and interventions.

Contact Us

Studio 11
Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop
21 Hawthornvale
Edinburgh, EH6 4JT
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